Today I sit in a Qatar Airways A380, seat 67A, and that is where I’m staying for the next 6.5hrs till my change over at Doha to Singapore! (This is turing into a bit of a theme! )
As I sit in this very purple seat preparing for a 5hrs of potential seat kicking from the child behind me, I am so calm. Weirdly calm and thankfully calm. It may just be that I haven’t yet woken up from the 5am start or maybe the magic of the complimentary “refreshing towel” I was just handed by one of the crew.

For those who haven’t been in my presence while I’ve droned on about how excited I am about this trip here’s the basics:
LHR- Doha- Singapore
One night in Singapore then to Hanoi!
From Hanoi I will be meeting the Ultimate Vietnam Rep and the rest of my group for the next 2 weeks! Plan is to go from north to south of Vietnam stopping off at Halong Bay, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat and ending in Ho Chi Minh City (AKA Saigon). On the way I’ll be taking part in the culture, kayaking, staying on a junk boat and generally having a fabulous-Instagram-worthy time! (haha)
Then, after that adventure I’ll be flying from HoChiMinh to Singapore again to stay with Alison Hanning with Charlie and Sidonie!

Okay, the cabins are being prepared so I’ll wrap this up for now. How has this date come along so quickly? It only seems like yesterday when I asked my mum how she’d feel about me going to SEAsia solo, but that was back in January!
Now, please excuse me now, I’m going to plug into the online entertainment system and embarrass myself by crying in front of strangers, LaLa Land is on the film list!