February 2017

A Selfish Silence

People don’t talk about their feelings a lot, I don’t, though I tell other people to. “A problem shared is a problem halved.” “If you have any problems, I’m here, to listen.” Maybe it’s selfish, me listening to other people’s chaotic and sometimes miserable lives. It makes me feel better, that I’m not alone in the fact I have no idea what I’m doing. But when the introduction comes to ask about me, I’ll often reflect it back onto the other person with a tactical phrase like “oh yeah, I’m doing fine, same old same old, but thats not important how are you with….”.

I’ve been told what I do is ‘guarding’, a defence mechanism which stops me from showing any cracks or spills. A deep breath, a big smile and a “I’m fine, don’t be silly.” Then when I’m away from people who have real problems, it all slips and spins and really I don’t know how I’ll react. How I see it is that you’re more than welcome into my house, have a seat in the living room, the loos down the corridor but please, don’t open any of the doors.
An anecdote:
Today, (you don’t know when I’m writing this so who knows when ‘today’ is!) I was so angry and this time I didn’t bite my tongue. Quite frankly I was right to be angry, this person hurt me. Left me a blubbering ugly mess and to make it worse my eyeliner and mascara, which believe me took FOREVER to put on was ruined! But the most infuriating part of today was that I felt the need to apologise. And I did. Because, when I look at it now, blaming tiredness/my period/medication, for something I wasn’t sorry about was an easier cover up than having to explain my feelings.

I was talking to my mum about the feeling of loss and mourning for her degree she’s doing at the moment and she stated a very interesting idea: “A hierarchy of grief” the idea being that there is a silent social construct of ‘who’ is allowed to feel and ‘who’ isn’t. An idea that maybe some people are more likely to encourage their own allowance of sympathy without being empathetic, while others can be empathetic but not disclosing their allowance of sympathy for others to feel. I don’t know, I’ll let you read her essays for that, but just something to mull over I guess.

*Audible sigh* I guess today is not a day for answers but instead hopefully a progress.

A message from editing Izzy:
So I’m not going to post this publicly (e.g. Tell people on twitter, IG, and FB to come read this) because I only want to advertise positive vibes, but, if you are reading this, hey, nice one getting through this splurge. But also, what I really hope you take away from this is:
1. If you can relate to this, you’re not alone, though you may feel like it now.
2. Just writing this allowed me to calm down, maybe give it a go, it doesn’t have to be as publicly, but make something malleable and get those thoughts down.
3. I’m here, someone’s there, for you. For me right now, I don’t know who that person is, but I know that there is someone, and one day I’ll find a way to talk to them, but for now, I’ll just “fake it till I make it!”

Till (a hopefully more up-beat) next time…

img_7490(Ooo moody metaphorical image about looking into the distance, Izzy Collins you’re a walking cliché) ((Pic credit to Fin))


Time has past…

*Shuffles into the room sheepishly* Hi, me again!… Me? Late? Never, I said I’d post again soo… Oh that was in August…

Well, in my defence it’s been a VERY bust 6months! Here’s the rundown:


  • Unemployed and searching, and searching
  • The “Squad” dispersed to follow their ambitious lives at Uni and work (selfish right?!)
  • Small breakdown… no biggie…
  • Employed! (19th September!) Hired as a Temporary Office Worker


  • Holiday to majorca!
  • Started to apply for University
  • LOTS of Uni visits


  • Lots of cadet activities (as per usual)
  • Working on my personal statement (thanks to Kate 🙂 )


  • Squad re-united 😀
  • Finished my personal statement
  • 2/5 University offers!
  • First aid Qualification (Not really relevant, but it was a fun course 😉 )
  • Promoted to Cadet Warrant Officer!


  • Joined the Gym
  • 19th Birthday!
  • 5/5 Uni responses, 4/5 Unconditional offers!
  • Camp America Recruitment fair and Placement!! (After 5hours I might add :’))
  • Lots of birthdays
  • Applicant Day visit to Hull
  • Visited Felis in York
  • Decided and booked a 3week trip to Vietnam and Singapore!!!!

So far in February:

  • Final day at work placement
  • Still going to the Gym (Ha! Bets are off! )

See! Been pretty busy!

So, coming up, in 6weeks time I jet off to Vietnam, Expedition Dinner, Devonshire holiday and lots more!

Over the last few months it’s not that I haven’t wanted to write something on here, instead I have written 3 draft posts. However, they were all pretty negative, which at the moment I don’t think I’m ready to share, maybe one day.

What I’ve learnt in the last 6months is that perseverance and positivity pays off and that with the support and love from those you see everyday it makes it a lot easier. (Ew, cliché)

I wonder what I’ll learn in the next 6months, though hopefully you’ll find out a little bit sooner!

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