June 2017

Dear Cpt. Dadski Collins…

So this year I won’t be able to contact my dad on Father’s Day,  so I figured I would write this to you Daddy instead.

Reasons I love my Daddy:

1. Makes the best gravy and roasts this world has ever seen!

2. Winner of the BEST male cuddler in the world (obvs mum is the best female)

3. You always know when he’s coming up or down the stairs because he’ll sing a random “doo doo doo”.

4. As most who will know me and met my daddy know, he’s the chillest person in the whole world.

5. Best face and ear massages going.

6. Y’know super supportive n stuff.. 😉

I love you sooo much Daddy, thank you for always being there for me, Have a fantastic day xxxxx



Camp Update:

I love it here. And my accent is already being battered…

That’s all that needs to be said.

Uneasy side up

I’m standing in line for security. I’m on my way to board a Virgin Atlantic flight to start what could be my most exciting adventure yet in my short-lived life. However, I can feel my eyes burning and my heart shouting in my ears, louder as it becomes faster. What I see in front of me are end-of-the-world warning signs and yet everything in the back ground is trembling slowly. I reach out to grab a queuing pole because in every teen-angst film I’ve seen they say to “feel the ground under you” by holding something permanent and yet this isn’t helping. I splutter something to the man in a high-vis jacket walking past which is apparently decipherable and he pushes me through the que. I guess this is one way to get a fast pass through security at Heathrow!

Before this past year I never realised the extent of my inner-panic. Though saying that, I’ve never been this far from home (*Kaiser Chiefs pop into head*) for such an extended period of time.

However, the moment passes, and I know I’ll get a couple more like it in the next coming days, but then they’ll disappear, once I get doing stuff. “Stuff” in this case is 24 hrs in San Francisco followed by a fantastic summer at Kennolyn Camp as a camp counsellor where I’ll learn how to instruct a climbing program, live an American way of life and have a fandabbydozy time in the meanwhile.

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” an appropriate British female philosopher once said and for now, that’s quite right!

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