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A Selfish Silence

People don't talk about their feelings a lot, I don't, though I tell other people to. "A problem shared is a problem halved." "If you have any problems, I'm here, to listen." Maybe it's selfish, me listening to other people's... Continue Reading →


Time has past…

*Shuffles into the room sheepishly* Hi, me again!... Me? Late? Never, I said I'd post again soo... Oh that was in August... Well, in my defence it's been a VERY bust 6months! Here's the rundown: September: Unemployed and searching, and... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Know Now: End Of Canada Exped

Yet again, I find myself sitting on a Westjet plane, seat 34E on another long haul flight, the difference here however to previously is that I have a very different perspective on my life. Today (24.08.16) marks the end of... Continue Reading →

Canada: It’s finally happening!

Currently, I am sitting on a WestJet plane, awaiting 2 people to turn up so that we can get on our way to Vancouver. I've set up my middle seat 32E for the 10hr10min trip: light off, book and water... Continue Reading →

Fundraising, climbing, ┬áKatie and horses!?

Oops.. Haven't posted in a while! Well, here's an update... Went to Raleigh International open information evening on 17th Feb Still deciding what I want to do for the Gap Year 2017  Applied for a bursary from my college, Collyers... Continue Reading →

GY: An Option

Today Mum and I signed up to the 17-24 yr old Vollunteers talk being held by Operation Raleigh in London on the 17th Feb! Going to head up there and have a look what it's all about and no doubt... Continue Reading →

Why am I taking a Gap Year?

I wasn't always supposed to be taking a gap year. Before 2015 I had decided to take the same route as most of my peers, finish my A-Level exams, have a summer of blissful ignorance, results and then hopefully start... Continue Reading →

“Adventure is out there!”

Hello!.. no... Good Day!... maybe not... Hey, I'm Izzy, the future Izzy who will be reading this will already know that however, that's how I'd like to start my first blog post. Something unoriginal, before something unique. So enough rubbish,... Continue Reading →

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