The last 3 months have been incredible. Period.

To be honest I could just leave this post here, I have no idea right now how to give a brief overview of what an amazing time I had and even if I tried I know I’d leave out the best bits, the small things that stick out in my mind from over the summer. So, instead I’ll provide you with a moment, a time that I consciously stopped and told myself to remember.

But before I begin, some background-
If you didn’t know already, I’ve been working at a summer camp called Kennolyn Camps as a General Counsellor and Ropes Instructor. At Kennolyn there are 2 camps, Resident camp (where I was based) on the bottom of the hill, which kids come to for 1 week, 2week or however many weeks they want sessions. They are assigned a cabin a 2 counsellors (me) and they choose super fun activities to take part in all week. From Archery to Wheel Pottery, Ropes to Pool, there is a HUGE choice. Then they also do other activities like Outpost in which we cook meals for them on a self-built campfire, we sleep under the stars and we have a pretty marvellous time! There’s more stuff too, but that’s the basic overview for Res Camp.
Then there’s Day camp which runs (funnily enough) only during the day, Monday to Friday, and is situated at the top of the hill- as it’s on the top of the hill, there are THE most amazing views of the bay from there.

This moment takes place at Day camp, but in the evening. The time off in the weekend between 2week sessions and 1 week sessions only lasts 20hrs-ish so we stay and chill at camp during that time. It’s the 22nd July 2017.

We took a ride up to day camp, it’s still late afternoon, the day is yet to start slipping into its orange pyjamas and settle in for taps. We hear stay over campers stirring over in the main building, so we stay by the camp stage and lay down on the wooden pews. Collin has brought along a bag, which he says contains fireworks, and in all honesty, I half believe him, but also know that his favourite thing to do is surprise people with the unexpected, and what he pulls out sure is! (Mmmangos-ha, camp reference) Quite frankly it’s better than any firework, it’s chocolate cake and fresh strawberries. We all settle down and start scoffing at the cake, which is delicious. (Interval of the moment here as I realise I have mobile phone signal and make a phone call to my lovely family who are over in Vermont) However this is no standard, look out into the beautiful sunset and sigh moment, that would be too cliché. As we sit staring over the climbing wall, though the Coastal Redwoods, there’s a scuffle, then more, from behind us. There, a skunk, the size of a house cat. Like some scene out of Tom and Jerry, Dan and I find our selves on top of the benches, with a bush between us and the scuttling stink-bomb. Then our saviour, the brave and noble Ali steps forward and delivers a bottle (I want to say a bottle but I’m not sure) in the fearsome creatures direction. This act, that boarders both courageous and stupidity, causes the skunk to flee, leaving us to get back to devouring the chocolate cake and listening to Ali’s mellow indie music in the twilight that has now fallen on us.
Until, suddenly, from our knight in shining armour, Ali, comes a squeal, the skunk is back, only braver, and is next to her head sniffing at the strawberries! As we scrambled yet again for the safety of distance, shouting and high ground, I have an overwhelming sense of conscious happiness. Maybe it was the adrenaline pumping through my veins from the near death experience (no, you’re overreacting ;)) all I know is that in that moment, I was happy, and what I realise now is that is all that matters.

A new friend of mine (hey Kat!) brought up the idea that we shouldn’t look for the periodic happiness. Instead in our lives we should strive for contentedness. I can’t disagree with it, who wouldn’t want to be sat in a warm pool of sunshine all the time? But what I have realised over the summer, over the last year, is that it takes rain to help the flowers grow. But when it does pour, grab a friend and splash in the puddles.


(Thanks for the picture Dan 😊)