I’m standing in line for security. I’m on my way to board a Virgin Atlantic flight to start what could be my most exciting adventure yet in my short-lived life. However, I can feel my eyes burning and my heart shouting in my ears, louder as it becomes faster. What I see in front of me are end-of-the-world warning signs and yet everything in the back ground is trembling slowly. I reach out to grab a queuing pole because in every teen-angst film I’ve seen they say to “feel the ground under you” by holding something permanent and yet this isn’t helping. I splutter something to the man in a high-vis jacket walking past which is apparently decipherable and he pushes me through the que. I guess this is one way to get a fast pass through security at Heathrow!

Before this past year I never realised the extent of my inner-panic. Though saying that, I’ve never been this far from home (*Kaiser Chiefs pop into head*) for such an extended period of time.

However, the moment passes, and I know I’ll get a couple more like it in the next coming days, but then they’ll disappear, once I get doing stuff. “Stuff” in this case is 24 hrs in San Francisco followed by a fantastic summer at Kennolyn Camp as a camp counsellor where I’ll learn how to instruct a climbing program, live an American way of life and have a fandabbydozy time in the meanwhile.

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” an appropriate British female philosopher once said and for now, that’s quite right!