Currently, I am sitting on a WestJet plane, awaiting 2 people to turn up so that we can get on our way to Vancouver. I’ve set up my middle seat 32E for the 10hr10min trip: light off, book and water in basket, air con off and comfy socks on!

Really I should start this log by apologising for the lack of logs since February, so, Sorry… But life has happened and I’ve been pretty busy the last few months!
My excuses:
– A levels were pretty crazy, and dragged on a little longer than I hoped, but feeling at ease.
– Uni visits! In June mum and I have been on small trips away to the Uni of Exeter, Penryn and Birmingham scoping out possible options! Mum definitely had a favourite, and if you know my mum, which one is obvious!
– ROADTRIP USA! I should probably write a whole other post on my AMAZING 2 week trip the USofA, but long story short mum, dad, Fin and I toured around some of the National Parks: Bryce Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley and Zion National Park! Starting at Vegas we picked up our RV and ended up in LA for some sun and relaxing- it was incredible.
– Holiday No. 2 Squad goes to AMSTERDAM. Again, I will write another post for it, but it was fantastic, setting off on my first “alone” trip, acting like an adult with 7 of the best people I’ve ever met was a brilliant experience and one I’ll treasure forever. And Amsterdam. Wow. Canals, cycling, bars and parks. What a city!
– Working, eh, how else could I afford these trips?!
– Fundraising and training! With Canada coming up there was fundraising to do and paddling to partake in before we could be set to go! Oli was organised enough get us a stand at Lindfield Village Fete, which again we brought the climbing wall and had a great day! Then of course I had my own fundraising to do, applying to the generous Collyers Association Award for a bursary and succeeding subsidising the cost of the trip by £500 which I am very very grateful for!
Training wise we had a weekend of the full team paddling at Piddinghoe Pond and in the River Ouse, sorting out our J Strokes, Hanging draws and how to fall in the water correctly! 😉 Followed by a team meeting and BBQ where we were taught how to gut and fillet a fish and cook it! Yummy!

So I think that brings us up to date, even after writing all of that we’re still waiting to go, but hey, can’t really complain it’s not like it will shorten the journey.
It was a struggle to pack my bag, having it weigh approx. 19kg, not that weight was an issue, just space! But still made room for Monty the Canadian Mounty Beaver to get in thanks to Grandma and Papa.

So here we go, finally moving and heading on the trip of a lifetime! I shan’t lie, I’m extremely nervous, but I’m also very very excited! Till the next 5 months! (Haha, only joking… Maybe… 😉 )